Pecan Dream

American Brown Ale

We don’t blame you if you don’t believe us, but this beer was born in a dream. Sean arrived at the brewery one day, having woken from a dream where we brewed two beers. One was made with boiled peanuts, and the other with pecans. For logistical reasons, among others, we decided we had to make with ones with pecans. After sourcing 150 lbs of them, we split them up amongst ourselves, roasting every last nut in our respective home ovens. 5 pounds of those home-roasted pecans were added per barrel of this American brown ale, imparting a great nutty nose that presents itself more as the beer warms up.

They set aside part of the latest batch in a Seagram's bourbon barrel for four months, and will be showing the result at Brewvival 2013. Here's to bourbon barrel wishes, and pecan dreams!

Other details

IBUs: 25
Notable hops: Northern Brewer
Notable malts: Pale, Crystal 20, Crystal 60, Roast
Release type: Seasonal
Season: Fall/Winter