Tasting Room


If you really want to get to know Holy City, you need to pay us a visit! Our tasting room is a seamless part of the brewery located at 4155 Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston (click here to see a map view). Come out and relax, taste what's new, get a growler filled, shoot some pool, or take a tour - all during the specified hours below. We often welcome a friendly neighborhood food truck to park outside and sling their wares, and feature live music on occasion (see our events calendar for more info). We are 100% kid and pet friendly (except for the tasting part, of course!)


  • Mon - Tue : 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Wed - Fri : 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Sat : 12:00-8:00
  • Sun : 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

*** Please check our Event Calendar to make sure the Tasting Room is operating during these normal hours on the day you plan on stopping by. *** (The Tasting Room may not be open due to a Special Event at Holy City Brewing)

Ground rules

  • Tours in conjunction with samples or sales.
  • Tours happen throughout our tasting hours, not at set times.
  • No more than 48 oz. on-premise consumption per person (and only 16 oz. of that can be 8% abw or higher). why?
  • No more than 288 ounces sold (4x growlers) per person. why?

Growler fills

  • We'll fill anyone's growler.
  • We'll sanitize your growler.
  • We bottom-fill, cap while foaming, and seal each growler.
  • Our growler fill prices are all the same - best price in town!


  • Full Pint - $5
  • Half Pint - $3
  • Flight- 4 four-ounce samples - $6 (must be purchased 4 at a time)
  • 64oz growler fill - $10 (glass - $5)
  • 32oz growler fill - $6 (glass - $3)
  • Bring your own growler & just pay for the fill!